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How to run


Double click on jeveassets.jar


From your downloads folder, move the entire jEveAssets folder into the applications folder. Double click on jeveassets.jar


in terminal run:
java -jar /path/to/jEveAssets/jeveassets.jar
where '/path/to' is the path on your computer to the jeveassets directory


cd to jEveAssets directory and run:
java -jar jeveassets.jar

Manually updating jEveAssets to a new version

Simply overwrite all the old files with the new ones. Your settings and assets will stay untouched.

Sort columns

You need to double click to sort a new column. A single click will sub-sort the column.


Settings Location

Replace USERNAME with your username


XP: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\.jeveassets\
Vista and later: C:\Users\USERNAME\.jeveassets\





jEveAssets will not run

 First ensure you're follow the instructions on How to run
 It's worth trying all the solution for your operation system.
 If none of the solutions bellow works, please see how to get help

Solution 1

On: All
Symptoms: jEveAssets displays a splash screen momentarily then closes

Ensure jEveAssets isn't corrupted and unzipped

  1. Download jEveAssets
  2. Unzip
  3. Next follow How to run

Solution 2

On: All
Symptoms: Nothing happens when starting jEveAssets or another program opens.

Ensure Java is installed and it is the correct version

  1. Uninstall all versions of java (help)
  2. Download the latest version of java
    • The 64bit/x64 version should be used (unless you're on a 32bit system)
  3. Install java (help)
  4. Next follow How to run

Solution 3

On: Windows
Symptoms: Nothing happens when starting jEveAssets or another program opens.

Ensure Java is used to open jar files

  1. Download JarFix (more info)
  2. Run the downloaded file jarfix.exe
  3. Next follow How to run


This is just one example

Solution 4

On: MacOS
Symptoms: jEveAssets displays a splash screen momentarily then closes

Ensure jEveAssets have permission to run

  1. Move the jEveAssets directory into your Applications directory
  2. Next follow How to run

Additional info: MacOS limits access to your Desktop, Documents, and Downloads directories preventing jEveAssets from running

Solution 5

On: Windows
Symptoms: Nothing happens when starting jEveAssets

Ensure jEveAssets have permission to run

  1. Move the entire jEveAssets directory out of the Downloads directory into the applications directory
  2. Next follow How to run

Additional info: Some anti-virus software block execution in Download directory

File Lock

File locks are necessary to prevent file corruption.
If jEveAssets is forcefully terminated while reading/writing a file, the file will never be unlocked.
This prevent jEveAssets from accessing the file.

  1. Close all instances of jEveAssets (You can restart your computer to be 100% sure all instances of jEveAssets is closed)
  2. Run a single instance of jEveAssets (This will delete all existing file locks)

Add Character/Corporation

Note: step 1 and 2 can be skipped if you run jEveAssets for the first time.

  1. Go to Options > Accounts…
  2. Click Add
  3. (Corporation) Click the Character button and select Corporation
  4. (Optional) Click Scopes and select the scopes you want to use
    Note: jEveAssets will have limited functionality if you do not select all scopes.
  5. Click Authorize
  6. The Eve SSO web page should open in your browser
  7. Select your character by clicking on their portrait
  8. Click Authorize on the web page
  9. Return to jEveAssets and wait for the import process to finish
  10. If you get an error see: API Key Troubleshooting
  11. Click OK

API Key Troubleshooting

Solutions to common errors while importing API Keys

Proxy Server

If you're behind a proxy server, you need to enable it in jEveAssets.

  1. In the menu select: Options > Options…
  2. Select Proxy
  3. Select your Proxy Type
    Direct = No proxy server
    HTTP = Http proxy server
    SOCKS = Socks proxy server
  4. Enter your Proxy Address and Proxy Port

Firewall blocks Java

  1. Disable your firewall (at your own risk…)
  2. Import API Keys in jEveAssets
  3. Enable your firewall

If you succeed, you need to add a firewall exception for Java (Please contact your firewall provider, for additional help)

API is down

  1. Wait until it's back up…

API is unstable

Try a couple of times (Press `Previous` to retry…)

API Error

This is a CCP API Error. Feel free to ask for help (please include the error code)

I give up...

No problem! if you have tried everything above, please send a bug report

Email Log

Please send an email to and include the following:

  • The jeveassets.log and jeveassets1.log (if it exist) in the settings location
    •  Do not post the logs publicly (forum/discord/etc.). They contain private information.
      Such as you character and corporation names. Only share them via email.
  • Instructions on how to reproduce the bug
  • Operation system name and version
  • jEveAssets version
  • Java version (if you know)

Feedback and Help

All feedback, bug reports, and feature suggestion are always very welcome!
They are a great way for users to give back to the jEveAssets project.

Talking with the users of jEveAssets is my biggest motivation to keep working on jEveAssets.

I always try my best to help everyone with their jEveAssets problems (as much as life allows).

  •  Email is the only safe way to share jEveAssets logs: Email Log
    • ❔ Ask for help
    • 🪲 Bug Reports
    • 🚀 Feature Suggestions
    • 🗨️ Chat about jEveAssets
    • 😎 I usually reply withing 24 hours and often much faster
    • 🪲 Bug Reports
    • 🚀 Feature Suggestions
    • 👀 I read everything. I only reply if I have questions or need more information (1-3 days)
    • ❔ Ask for help
    • 🐌 I usually reply within 1-3 days
    • 🗨️ You are welcome to message or ping me @goldengnu, if you want to talk about jEveAssets or need help with the ESI asset endpoints
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