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Getting started with jEveAssets.

Before starting - ask yourself - do I want to be able to find my stuff in EVE Online? If your answer is NO!, stop reading - this is not for you. Any other answer: READ On!

jEveAssets - the initial reason to get started

One of the most time consuming activities can be finding stuff - especially if you forgot it in the cargo hanger in a ship,or in a container in ship cargo bay. In game, those kinds of searches are difficult to do - efficiently, if at all. And as you grow in Eve - start your alts and maybe even a second alpha or OMEGA account - keeping track of where your stuff is only get more difficult - read time-consuming.

Fortunately, the data is available in the EPI API (footnote needed) and that data can be accessed using jEveAssets. (add jEveAssets ICON)

So, in this opening (tutortial aka walk through) I'll cover the basics of:

  • getting jEveAssetsd installed
  • authorize your first character
  • create and save a filter


a) Have JAVA on your system (Oracle or Adoptium (Opensource)) (add icons).

Java-v8 (JVE8) is the version used to compile jEveAssets so JVE8 or later work. If it doesn't, submit a bugreport!! 64-bit versions are recommended, for better memory management.

b) Download jEveAssets. You can put the jEveAssets folder anywhere you fancy - as long as your JAVA binaries are located automatically (i.e., in your PATH environment variable).
c) Since you didn't answer **NO** to the opening question - I'll assume that you have an

EVE account - alpha or OMEGA - so now is the moment to start jEveAssets by double-clicking (W10, macos, Linux GUI) jeveassets.jar.


Authorization is essential. Without character (or corporation) authorization == no assets to be seen.

If I recall correctly (irrc) this first time jEveAssets opens the dialog to add a character

(add visuals)

* more later

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