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Trading features in jEveAssets

This HowTo assume you already added and updated your accounts

Outbid Data

  1. Click the Update button on the toolbar in the Market Orders tool to get outbid data from ESI.
    • You can check Auto Update to make jEveAssets update continually as soon as ESI have new data.
  2. Wait for the update to finish…

Updating Orders

  1. Start eve and login on the characters you want to update market orders on
  2. Click the Open button in Market Details table column on the outbid market orders row
    • This can also be done by selecting the Open button cell and pressing Space
    1. This will open the market order window in-game
    2. Copy the fixed outbid price to clipboard
    3. Focus the characters eve client
      • Windows: Works
      • Linux: Require an extra install (see Options for instructions)
      • Mac Os X: Does not work on (I do not own a mac, so I can not code and test this, sorry)
  3. in Eve:
    1. (Optional) If you want to be 100% sure the fixed outbid price is correct you can use the Export to File function in Eve
      1. In jEveAssets : Set the Order Type in the Market Order tool to the market order type you're modifying (Buy or Sell). For Sell orders you can also use the range option to limit what orders the price should be compared too. For Buy orders it use the order range.
      2. In Eve: Click Export to File
      3. The fixed outbid price will copied to clipboard
    2. Right click your order and select Modify Order
    3. Press Ctrl + v to parse the fixed price into the Modify Order window
    4. Press OK to save the new price
  4. Done. Repeat step 2 and 3 for each outbid market order you want to update
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